Privacy Policy

We collect data from you directly, such as information you enter yourself when placing an order. This will include your;

•        Email address which we need to send updates on the progress of your order, or if we have any problems completing your order, or if we need to check something such as a colour change etc.  

•        Telephone number, for the same reason as your email address 

•        Address, to deliver your order full of lovely Christmas goodies!

We also collect some data automatically, like information about your device and what parts of our website or products on display you interact with or spend time using. This is used for analysis purposes only, to work out what bits of our site are working well and what ones maybe aren’t and to help establish what items you guys are looking at versus which ones you are buying, this helps us get our product selection right!

If you opt in to marketing emails during checkout or sign up to receive our email newsletter we may use your data to send you direct marketing emails relating to offers and/or new product information, we will not pass on your data other than to organisations that need it to fulfil our contract with you such as couriers and payments companies – more details can be found further down.

What data do you need to provide to The Olde Christmas Shoppe?

When you give us your data it is only used for the fulfilment of your order, or to answer your enquiry (The fulfilment process).  E.g. if you email us to ask a question about a product or delivery timescale, we will use the data you have provided to respond to that enquiry. If we do not need to pass your details on to any other parties we won’t. (We know how annoying that is!) 

When you make an on line purchase, we take your:

•        Name

•        Company name – if applicable

•        Billing Address

•        Contact telephone number

•        Email Address

•        Delivery Address – if different to your billing address

When you shop with us, you can check-out as a guest or set up an account with us.  If you set up an account you can still opt out of any marketing.

Your details are kept for longer than the fulfilment process (6 months), this is because we offer a no quibble returns policy so we have to keep your details to help us fulfil that.  We also have certain obligations with HMRC and other authorities that insist we keep certain records to substantiate tax claims or similar. All records are kept securely and are not profiled in any way.

Payment Data

When you input your card details on line you are doing so on a Payment gateway – which is currently “PayPal”. We have ensured that the payment process is hosted securely & that the providers comply with the latest legislation relating to your privacy and security.  The Olde Christmas Shoppe and their elves do not actually see or hold your card details, and for clarity, we do not have access to your PayPal account.

Our Payment Gateway Partners are authorised and regulated and work within the guidelines required. It is your right to ask us for their details if you require them.

If you call us to place an order, we will take the same details. The difference being that we will process the card payment for you so will have to ask for the card number, expiry date, name on card and Security code (CVV). Your card payment will be processed via SUM UP payments, which is a secure payment solution, and is operated using an app that is on the shop’s mobile phone.  We will process your payment as you give us your details so we will not need to write your card details down, so we won’t need to store or destroy them.  We will still need to have your address details and will store them for the same length of time and for the same reason as we store your address details when you use our website.

Automatic Data Collection

When you visit our website, we (“we” also refers to our partners that develop our systems and our digital architecture) collect certain data by automated means which includes, system data such as type of device, computer and the IP address that is used to access our website, the operating system you are using and version, what web browser you use, in which language and which country.

We also record usage data, which we call analytics, this is information such as what buttons you press on our website, how long you are on a page for, how you navigate through our pages, the sales process and search queries.

The data listed above is collected by our partners through the use of server log files and tracking technologies, as detailed in the “Cookies and Data Collection Tools” section below. It is stored by partners such as the web developers and Google Analytics.

How we obtain this data

We use tools like cookies, analytics services and advertising providers to gather the data listed above. Some of these tools offer you the ability to opt out of data collection. 

These tools automatically obtain, and track data as described above in our automatic data collection section. This data is then gathered together to form business decisions and isn’t used to profile you as a person (we already you know you love all things Christmas and that’s all we need to know!). 

We use cookies (these are small files that websites post to your device or PC to uniquely identify your browser or device or to store data in your browser – not the edible sort – I know rude – eh?). 

You don’t need to give us this information – Our website (like all the others) will confirm we use cookies when you land on our home page – and you can turn these off via your web browser if you prefer.

How long do we keep this information for? No more than 1 year. We keep it this long for customer service purposes. e.g. if there is any fault problems, or you want to refer back to an item you bought the year before. 

Online Advertising 

We use 3rd party companies such as Google, Amazon & Facebook to advertise our products directly to people searching for products like ours.

This advertising may be based on things we know like because you’ve bought them or something similar yourself – or based on what the companies listed above know about you.  

What do we use all this data we collect for

We use your data to:

•        Process your orders or request for information

•        Communicate with you about your account or orders

•        Responding to your questions and concerns;

•        Sending you order, product or question related messages and information

•        Contact you by telephone to arrange delivery of a larger item or discuss a problem    with an undelivered order

•        Manage your account with us or log in preferences for the same

•        Contact you to request feedback in regards to our product and service satisfaction

•        Analyse data for trend purposes and to track purchases made by you

•        Advertise our products on third-party websites, such as Facebook

•        As required or allowed within UK law or otherwise to ensure the safety or integrity of our users, employees, third parties, the public, and our services

Please note – as part of our commitment to Customer Service and satisfaction, we may send follow up emails after the order is delivered to ask for your thoughts on our level of service and the product itself.  We only send this email once and we will not include any marketing or promotional material, this type of email is not based on consent, but rather our legitimate interests in performance related processing.

Who we share your information with:

•        Couriers and Carriers that delivery your orders

•        Payment gateways such as PayPal, SUM UP, and Worldpay

•        Website Development Companies

•        Social Media companies

•        Analytical companies such as google for analytics and performance metrics

•        Order processing companies who secure and develop our order processing software

•        We may share certain statistical data with 3rd party marketing companies to help with advertising – not direct marketing.

•        Tax, HMRC and other obligatory company requirements

•        As requested by Authorities with Warrants 

•        As requested with organisations with correct DPA Authority 

•        For Security and Integrity reasons

We share information with and as required by law:

•        Tax, HMRC and other obligatory company requirements

•        As requested by Authorities with Warrants 

•        As requested with organisations with correct DPA Authority 

•        For Security and Integrity reasons 

Your Rights

You have a right to:

•        Request what data is held by us on you

•        Amend any incorrect data held by us in relation to you

•        Request that we delete any data that is held, that is no longer required try us in line with the terms above

•        Deny cookies – through tools on your Browser  

•        Terminate your account

•        Opt out of any marketing mails or communications we may send, at any time

Cookie Policy

What are cookies? (we still don’t mean the tasty ones!)

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser as you browse the Internet. They are used to collect, store, and share data about your activities across web Cookies allow our website to remember things about your visits, like your preferred language

We use both session cookies, which expire after a short time or when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which remain stored in your browser for a set period of time. We use session cookies to do things like identify you during a single browsing session, like when you log into our website account area and we use persistent cookies where we need to identify you over a longer period, like when you request that we keep you signed in.

Why we use cookies and similar technologies?

We use cookies and similar technologies such as, pixel tags, or local shared objects (“flash cookies”), to deliver, measure, and improve our services in various ways. We use these cookies both when you visit our site and services through a browser and through any mobile app. As we adopt additional technologies, we may also gather additional data through other methods.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

•        To log you into the website

•        To protect your security

•        To help detect and fight spam, abuse etc

Can I browse without cookies?

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, however you can change your browser settings to decline cookies (refer to help articles for your browser on line).  If you decide to decline cookies, please note that you may not be able to sign in, customise, or use some interactive features in our website.

Flash cookies operate differently than browser cookies, so your browser’s cookie-management tools may not remove them.

For general information about targeting cookies and how to disable them, visit