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Top 6 Fairy Lights for the Perfect Summer 2023

120 White and Warm LED Glow Ball Lights on a wooden table.

Hello everyone! As we’re moving well into spring, it’s time to start looking forward to the (hopefully) glorious summer ahead – barbecues, parties, paddling and late nights in the sun are surely on the horizon! With those warm summer nights in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite fairy lights for summer use as well as some handy tips on how to best use them and cultivate the most Instagram-ready home and garden for the summer season. With a selection of LEDs with lower running costs and long battery life, affordable and beautiful can go hand-in-hand in 2023. Browse, brainstorm and be sure to share your own creative summer lighting ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram.

1. 600 Warm White Compact LED Lights

600 warm white compact lights

Price: £34.99

Specs: 15m lit length; for indoor & outdoor use

Colour: Warm white

Why we love these lights…

This mega-set of fairy lights makes the most of its length at a bargain price, packing in a punch of 600 LED bulbs in popular warm white to bring a soft summery glow to your space. These would be perfect for really brightening up small areas in the summer nights, like hot tub or veranda spaces or even foliage like small trees or garden trellis – with so many bulbs per set, you can really get creative and make the perfect summer hangout that looks even better when the sun eventually goes down.

2. Warm White Starburst Light Curtain

Price: £45.99

Specs: 520 bulbs; H 90cm x W 80cm

Colour: Warm white, clear cables

Why we love these lights…

These fun and fabulous LEDs elevate any space in any season, with a glowing curtain of delicate starbursts that remind us of snowflakes and stars, sunshine and dandelion puffs. Curtain lights are a quirky way to light up your space, perfect for lining fences or empty doorways and making your summer parties magical!

3. 100 Warm White Amber Dewdrop Lights

Price: £9.99

Specs: 9.9m lit length

Colour: Warm white, copper coloured wire

Why we love these lights…

For less than a tenner, these versatile fairy lights are a quick and easy way to make a glowing statement or centrepiece for the table – think mason jars and vases, or highlighting smaller areas in your home and garden. With a pretty copper wire that is slim and malleable, the possibilities with this light set are endless making them one of our all-time favourites.

4. 120 LED Ball Cluster Lights

Price: £27.99

Specs: 3m lit length

Colour: Warm and cold white, silver cable

Why we love these lights…

These beautiful glowing orbs are giving off major summer vibes that are sure to create the most aesthetic space for partying, hanging out and taking cute photographs to make lasting memories – you’ll surely have the most “gram-able” garden parties this year! We love the mixture of warm and cold white light (they remind us of little suns and moons!), with a silver cable that blends in with most backgrounds and keeps focus on the ball clusters themselves.

5. Rainbow Lights (10 pcs)

Price: £24.99

Specs: 10 pieces, indoor use only

Colour: Rainbow, clear cable

Why we love these lights…

While these funky and fabulous novelty lights aren’t suitable for outdoor use, they still deserve an honourable mention on our summer light list – after all, a Scottish summer is sure to bring a few nights of rain or unbearable midge levels… This adorable wee set really brightens up any space with light and pastel colour, perfect for creating cute summer spaces or even for event decoration like birthdays or celebrating Pride month in June.

6. 480 Bright White LEDs

Price: £39.99

Specs: 47m lit length

Colour: Cold white

Why we love these lights…

Most of the fairy lights on this light so far have followed the trend of warm white, so why not mix it up a little with some dazzling cold white bulbs? With a whopping 480 bulbs across over 45 metres of cable, these brilliant LEDs will go a long way in brightening up your indoor/outdoor spaces – they would especially be perfect for creating a starry canopy above a patio nook or hot tub area!

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