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Tips for a unique Valentine’s gift 

Merry Christmas to all of our festive friends! Wow, it’s February already… and you may be running out of time to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other. Sure, you can’t go wrong with the classics, but if you’re looking for something to buck the trend of flowers and sweet treats for your sweetheart then we just might have you covered with quirky, unique and even downright silly Valentine’s gifts in the most unlikely of places – The Olde Christmas Shoppe! 

My Funny Valentine

If nobody makes you laugh quite like your loved one, you can show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day with a gift that tickles their funny bone. Whether it’s a very ‘punny’ greetings card or a novelty call-back to an old inside joke between you, this is the kind of Valentine’s gift that your partner can get a kick out of long after the big day. After all, laughter really is the best medicine with many health and social benefits for couples – check out this CNN article to find out how!

Naughty Snowman - a cheeky Valentine's gift?

To get your shopping started, you can’t go wrong with these funny Valentine’s cards on Etsy, and of course our selection of novelty baubles has you covered from unconventional trinkets to some rather, erm… naughty humour!  That’s the joy of giving a funny Valentine’s gift – it can be personalised to fit your own style of comedy (whether sweet or spicy) and be kept forever as a couples memento.

Personalised Valentine’s Gift

Many people view the traditional Valentine’s day gifts as a little generic and impersonal… If that applies to you then we have the perfect solution: get personal with our personalised Christmas tree decorations, available in store and our online shop! Lovingly handwritten by our elves for your loved ones, these products are consistently our bestsellers all year round because they make the perfect gifts to mark special occasions or just to let people know they’re on your mind. We have some sweet couples designs in stock, as well as inclusive marriage, new home and new baby styles so you can mark the important events happening in your lives right now. What better way to show someone you love them than creating memories that you can revisit year after year? Check out the gallery below for some of our top romantic picks this Valentine’s season…

Be sure to pop into our store this weekend for any last-minute Valentine’s buys, and don’t forget to follow our pages for more blogs and top tips through the year!

The Olde Christmas Shoppe
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