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Give the gift of tradition

Merry Christmas to all of our readers! Give the gift of tradition this Christmas and start a gifting trend that will bring your family lots of festive fun, silly stories and happy memories to last a lifetime! We at The Olde Christmas Shoppe have put together some of our favourite little gifting traditions for kids, adults and even your furry friends – take a browse through our ideas and maybe even get inspired to create your own personal Christmas customs…

Secret Santa Tradition

One of the most popular, fun and often ridiculous Christmas gifting traditions is the ‘Secret Santa’ or Kris Kringle – in fact, this elf has their very own Secret Santa tradition every year! This tradition relies on the element of mystery as each participant is secretly assigned a member of the family or group to buy a Christmas present for, usually with a price limit to make things interesting. From gag gifts and inside jokes to novelty decorations and even their favourite snack, it’s always exciting to see how people get creative with this task and gift something personal whether it be heart-warming or hilarious.

It’s also a fantastic way to keep the Christmas costs and shopping stress down in your workplace or between the grown-ups in your family while still keeping that festive spark and excitement alive as you try to figure out who was your special Secret Santa!

Grown-up Stockings

Stockings to start a Christmas tradition!
Some of our favourite stockings!

Another fabulous way to create a gift-giving tradition is to give all of your gifts in a stocking, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular with couples at Christmas time – yes, Christmas stockings are not just for children! This assignment presents a fun challenge to fill a stocking with a number of small gifts, with the much-appreciated practical benefit of saving space in your home before and after Christmas day – what a dream! The possibilities are endless with this gift-giving method; you can splash some cash on small items like jewellery, tech and makeup or go down the quirky route with small toys, joke gifts, wrapped treats and more.

To take this idea to the next level, consider gifting your family members with a fabulous gift basket filled with all of their favourite goodies to start off the next year right. For the best Christmas basket inspiration, be sure to check out this handy guide by Christmas Everyday Club! We have some fabulous Christmas stockings to get you started – just start stuffing your stocking and look forward to a cozy Christmas minus the mess.

Extra Tradition Idea: Our furry friends love to be spoiled too, so why not make up a stocking each year for your pooch or kitty? We have a couple of pet stocking options in our online store, ready to be filled with all kinds of goodies from treats and toys to new neckwear and more – on Christmas Day, your pet really will be man’s best friend!

Pick a bauble, any bauble!

Hand Painted Baubles
Some of our hand-painted baubles – the perfect Scottish souvenir!

Our third and final Christmas gift tradition is a personal favourite of ours at The Olde Christmas Shoppe, where we are surrounded daily by all of the glitz and cheer that Christmas decorations have to offer: the tradition of gifting or picking a special new bauble for the year! This fun wee tradition can be the perfect way to capture the memories of the past year – throwback to the year’s travels with a souvenir decoration like our fabulous hand-painted Scotland baubles or celebrate any family weddings or births with a tree decoration to mark the occasion.

This is another perfect opportunity to get a bit silly and personal as like with all of our suggestions, you can get creative and use your connection with the recipient to give a gift that is at once sentimental, funny and low-stress. This particular tradition is always a massive hit with young family members, and you can even get the kids doing their own shopping for this one! Whether they are a Disney fan, dancer, sportsperson or superhero, your little ones will look forward to picking their newest tree decoration year after year.

Let us know which traditions you’ll be trying out in the future, and feel free to share some of your own homegrown Christmas gift traditions for the elves to try out too!

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