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The 5 Prettiest Robin Decorations in 2023

A selection of Robin themed Christmas tree decorations and ornaments displayed against a backdrop of hessian, inside a wooden crate.

We know that Christmas Day is on its way when we start to see the tell-tale signs in nature; nights get longer, the ground gets frosty, plants go to sleep in preparation for a new year of blooming… But one thing that we all look forward to is the more frequent appearance of the beautiful European robin, whose numbers in the UK swell as our robins stay local and many others migrate here to avoid the harsher winters of the Baltic states. These birds, with their many legends and symbolic meanings, hold a special place in the hearts of many which makes them very popular in Christmas displays across the country. 

At The Olde Christmas Shoppe, we are never short of robin decorations for the tree and the mantlepiece, and so we have compiled this handy list of our top 5 favourite robin decorations for your Christmas tree this year to give you the best décor and gift inspiration!

1. Postbox with Robin Decoration

“This beautiful British post box with a beautiful robin couldn’t get any more festive –  in traditional festive red with added hints of crisp white snow, this classic Christmas decoration will look fantastic on any tree.”

Pillar Box with Robin

Dimensions: 12cm

Material(s): Painted Ceramic

Colours: Red, Black, White

Price: £8.99

Why We Love This Decoration

This lovely traditional tree decoration is one of the most consistently popular amongst our range, and is often bought as a gift to someone special. The classic pillar postbox topped with snow is in itself an iconic emblem of the British Christmas season which brings to mind the excitement and anticipation of posting your Christmas cards and letter to Santa Claus the good old fashioned way, as well as complimenting most other decorations with its fetching festive red. This is enough to make this one of our favourite all-time decorations, and the tiny brown and red robin sitting atop the postbox is a sweet addition to this nostalgic piece!

2. Mesmerising Matt Gold Bauble with Robin & Holly – 8cm

“Brighten up the branches of your Christmas tree with this lovely and bright glass bauble, brought to us by the talented designer Gisela Graham.”

Mesmerising Matt Gold Bauble with Robin & Holly - 8cm
Matt Gold Bauble with Robin

Dimensions: 8cm

Material(s): Glass

Colours: Gold, Green, Brown, Red

Price: £6.99

Why We Love This Decoration:

We fell in love with this bauble’s soft glowing colours as soon as we saw it, with a warm golden matt base that casts a slight shimmer across the bauble. The realistic robin design in the centre, toadstools and holly leaves all combine to give the bauble a rustic woodland feel that seems oh so Christmas-y! 

3. Perching Robin Decorations

“Get in touch with the natural side of the Christmas season with these adorable assorted robin decorations to hang from your branches… perched in various poses on top of tree nuts for an element of wintery realism.”

Robin tree decorations
Robins on Various Nuts

Dimensions: 9.5cm

Material(s): Painted Resin

Colours: Brown, Red, Green

Variations: Robins Perching On Hazelnut / Acorn / Pinecone / Conker

Price: £6.99

Why We Love This Decoration:

We love this set of robin decorations in all of its different styles for its combination of rustic quality, natural colours and impressive realistic carved detailing. Each bird is expertly painted with soft muted watercolour and hung with a piece of homey twine – any of these lifelike robin decorations would fit perfectly on a nature-inspired Christmas tree, nestled in pinecones and holly, or perhaps as a gift for the avid birdwatcher or casual nature enthusiast!

4. Red Robin and Bluetit Bauble

“Fly into Christmas with one of this beautiful selection of bird-inspired baubles by the wonderful Gisela Graham. These baubles each have a fabulously festive matte red base and both a beautiful bluetit and winter robin expertly painted and adorned with poinsettia wreaths…”

Red Bauble with Robin and Bluetit, 2 Sided

Dimensions: 8cm

Material(s): Glass Bauble

Colours: Red, Green, White, Blue

Price: £5.99

Why We Love This Decoration:

This bauble is the perfect blend of festive fun and tradition, making it a perfect bauble to suit almost any Christmas tree style. With both a robin and a bluetit emblazoned on either side of the festive red bauble, it appeals to bird enthusiasts as well as us Christmas lovers, and the added details of pretty poinsettia flowers and glitter give the decoration a touch of welcome Christmas glitz and glam.

5. Gift Bag Figurine with Robin and Gold Tree

“Mix whimsy and tradition with the sweet robin figurine, perched preciously upon a sack of brightly painted red-and-gold Christmas presents – the festive glittering golden Christmas tree poking out from the bag gives this traditional ornament a little  bit of fun and sparkle.”

Robin and Gift Bag Ornament

Dimensions:  17cm x 11cm

Material(s): Resin, Wire, Glitter

Colours: Brown, Red, Gold, Green

Price: £10.99

Why We Love This Decoration:

The vibrant colours of this beautiful ornament are what immediately catches your eye, with its metallic painted gifts and of course the ever-welcome addition of lashings of golden glitter on the tree poking out from the brown gift bag. Most importantly, the ornament features our favourite bird – a small realistic-style robin with mesmerising eyes and an added subtle sprinkle of gold dust on its wings. We think that this sweet figurine would look especially perfect amongst a traditional Christmas display featuring festive reds and greens!

To learn more about these amazing wee winter birds and their connections to Christmas, be sure to check out some more of our Christmas Robin blogs linked below. Merry Christmas, all!

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