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Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive: 7 Festive Tips for a Cheerful New Year


As the holiday season drifts away like a snowflake on the wind, many of us find ourselves grappling with the post-Christmas blues. The transition from yuletide merriment to the regular rhythm of life can be a bit like stepping out of a winter wonderland and into the cold, but fret not! We’ve gathered seven enchanting and Christmas-themed strategies to help you keep that festive spirit alive and kick off the New Year with warmth and joy!

1. Maintain a Season of Gratitude

A winter-themed image that symbolizes the gratitude of Christmas. The scene includes a person standing in a snow-covered landscape, surrounded by festive decorations.

Instead of bidding farewell to the joy of Christmas, let’s keep the spirit of gratitude alive. Each day, take a moment to cherish the wonderful moments from the holiday season – the laughter shared with loved ones, the thoughtful gifts exchanged, and the scrumptious feasts devoured. It’s like savoring the sweetest candy cane – practicing gratitude can light up your heart and keep those post-Christmas blues at bay. What part of your Christmas brought you the most joy this year?

2. Create a Holiday Mood Board

A festive image of a Christmas holiday mood board. The mood board is arranged on a wooden background, showcasing various elements that capture the spirit of Christmas.

The New Year is the perfect time to extend the magic of Christmas into your future. Imagine creating a holiday dreamscape by making a vision board, an artistic tapestry of your Christmas wishes and dreams. Gather images, quotes, and holiday-inspired ideas that tug at your heartstrings. As you arrange them, you’ll be creating a map of dreams that will keep your festive spirit alive and your heart aglow.

3. Stay Sprightly with Seasonal Activities

An image depicting winter activities, focusing on themes like winter walks or joining the gym. The scene shows a group of people enjoying a scenic winter walk and another group enjoying the gym.

Physical activity is not just for elves! It’s also a magical way to chase away the post-Christmas blues. Exercise releases those feel-good endorphins that are as delightful as gingerbread cookies. Whether you prefer a wintry walk, cozy yoga by the fireplace, dancing to your favorite holiday tunes, or even a visit to an ice-skating rink, staying active can keep your spirits as high as a treetop angel. Wrap up in the scarf your auntie gave you and go out for a walk or make use of that gym membership you promised yourself.

4. Revel in Festive Self-Care

An image depicting the theme of self-care during winter. The scene includes a cozy indoor setting with a person relaxing by a fireplace, wrapped in a cosy blanket reading a book.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the season, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of self-care. Dedicate some time to activities that keep your holiday spirit alive and your soul cozy. Time to open up the bath bombs that Santa left in your stocking! Soak in a warm, fragrant bath infused with holiday scents, try some festive meditation, dive into a heartwarming holiday novel, or immerse yourself in crafting holiday decorations. Pampering your soul is like sipping hot cocoa by the fire – it warms you from the inside out.

5. Set Holiday-Inspired Resolutions

An image that captures the concept of holiday-inspired resolutions. The scene includes a person writing down New Year's resolutions in a cozy, festive setting.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be dull! Create resolutions that are inspired by the holiday spirit. Resolve to spread kindness like confetti, cherish each moment with loved ones, or embark on festive adventures throughout the year. These merry resolutions will keep your festive spirit alive and inspire joy in your daily life. Sometimes a simple smile at a stranger can be enough to improve someone else’s day.

6. Share Christmas Stories & Connections

An image depicting ways to combat loneliness, especially during the holiday season. The scene includes a person engaging in a video call with family online.

Feeling a bit like a lonely reindeer? Reconnect with friends and family to share holiday stories and reminisce about your favorite Christmas moments. Upload your festive photos to Facebook and tag your friends. Strengthening those bonds will help you feel like you’re celebrating Christmas all year long. Consider joining holiday-themed clubs, groups, or online communities to kindle your festive spirit and meet like-minded Christmas enthusiasts. One of our favourite local community groups in the Helensburgh area is Grey Matters – Active Ageing.

7. Plan Jolly Activities Throughout the Year

An image reflecting the theme of organizing seasonal outings with friends, exploring holiday-themed hobbies, and scheduling weekend getaways to Christmas locations.

Rather than succumbing to the post-Christmas slump, why not extend the holiday joy? Plan festive activities throughout the year to keep your heart aglow. Organize seasonal outings with friends, explore holiday-themed hobbies, or schedule a weekend getaway to a Christmas-themed destination. Winter is a busy time of the year, plan to start your Christmas crafting in July. By sprinkling your calendar with holiday-inspired adventures, you’ll keep that twinkle in your eye and the spirit of Christmas alive all year round.

There’s no need to bid farewell to the enchantment of Christmas once the holidays are over. Embrace gratitude, set holiday-themed goals, stay active, and pamper yourself with festive self-care to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Reconnect with loved ones, create a holiday-inspired vision for the year ahead, and fill your calendar with joyful activities. And remember, if you find yourself in a snowy valley of post-Christmas sadness, don’t hesitate to seek help from the holiday spirit or a professional. With these enchanting and Christmas-themed strategies, you’ll fly through the year with joy and goodwill, just like Santa on his sleigh!

Santa Claus flying in his sleigh, pulled by reindeer. The scene is set against a festive winter background.
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What Is A Blue Christmas?

Merry Christmas all, and welcome to another of blog where we will dive into the rich and diverse world of Christmas facts and traditions!

Our Elvis Presley Tree Decoration.

What comes to mind when you think of a blue Christmas? Maybe you think of the 1978 cult classic Japanese sci-fi movie of the same name, or more likely the solemn song of unrequited love made popular in 1957 by country rock crooner Elvis Presley – let’s be honest, you’re singing “I’ll have a bluuuue, blue, blue, blue Christmas” right now! The phrase “blue Christmas” is definitely most associated with festive pop culture now, courtesy of The King, but we have learned there is another special meaning rooted in Western Christian festive tradition that often goes unknown.

Blue Christmas, for many Christian people, is marked during Advent on or around December 21st – an important date in many cultures as it marks the Winter Solstice or Longest Night, when the daylight hours are at their shortest. In Western Christian tradition, this night is often marked with a special ‘Blue Christmas’ church service which combines worship and remembrance as it acknowledges the struggle and grief that many people face over the festive period.

Candles are lit for loved ones at Blue Christmas

While the tradition appears to be fairly recent in origin, Blue Christmas has increased steadily in popularity and available resources as the event fills an important need for many who seek comfort and support during the difficult winter months when many others are rejoicing the festive season. For this reason, the ‘Blue Christmas’ services held in a number of Christian denominations are focused on finding hope and looking forward to brighter days ahead, which is a beautiful and important message to spread on the darkest day of winter as the days then gradually get longer and brighter as we move towards spring. This night is also an opportunity for those dealing with grief and loss in the lead up to Christmas to light a candle in memory of their loved ones and mourn with the support of their religious community, and for the community to acknowledge any losses from their congregation that year by leaving a seat empty in their honour.

The solemn yet beautiful tradition of Blue Christmas is an important reminder to us all, no matter what culture or religion: Christmas isn’t always a happy time for everyone, and we should all take time during the festive season to check up on and uplift those around us!


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For more Christmas facts and holiday inspiration, check out some of our other blogs on our website and be sure to peek at our fabulous products too!

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The 5 Best Hand Painted Baubles for 2022

A selection of hand painted glass Christmas tree baubles on a bed of hessian surrounded by red festive flowers and berries. Next to them is a green gift box with gold lettering that reads 'The Olde Christmas Shoppe'.

As we look forward to Christmas in 2022, what can you do to make your Christmas tree decorations stand out from the crowd? Look no further than The Olde Christmas Shoppe’s exclusive collection of intricately hand painted baubles! Each of the bauble designs on this list and in our Hand Painted Bauble collection is specially commissioned by our chief elves, before it is carefully hand painted on the inside – yes, the inside! – of the clear glass baubles by our talented friends, making any of these the perfect novelty gift all year around.

We even have a special selection of hand painted baubles that showcase our love of bonnie Scotland, making them a fun Christmas gift to document your travels over the year.

There are bauble designs for everyone in the Hand Painted Bauble section of our website, but in the meantime here is our carefully curated list of our own top 5 favourite hand painted baubles…

1. Hand Painted Nativity Bauble

Hand painted on the interior, this stunning bauble shows a silhouette of the Nativity scene in Bethlehem against a mystical desert backdrop. This Christmas classic comes in its very own padded box, making this the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas.

Image of our hand painted bauble with Nativity scene
Hand Painted Nativity Scene Bauble

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm

Main Colours: Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Black

Packaging: Green fabric box with white padding, 8cm x 8cm 

Why We Love This Bauble

This is one of our favourite Nativity-themed decorations at The Olde Christmas Shoppe – the vibrant and colourful painting of this famous scene would be eye-catching on any Christmas tree, making this bauble a lovely gift for family members and collectors of all things Nativity. Not to mention the padded box that it comes in – we wish that all Christmas baubles came with such a handy box for packing away and storing in January!

2. Hand Painted Scottish Ben Lomond Bauble

These beautiful hand painted baubles are detailed on the inside, lovingly decorated with images of Scotland’s Loch Lomond and Loch Lomond. A great memento for someone who used to live in bonnie Scotland or who fell in love with our lovely local area after a visit, this bauble comes with its own handy padded box for safe travel and storage.

Image of our hand painted Scottish bauble with Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond
Hand Painted Bauble showing Ben Lomond, Loch Lomond and the Maid of the Loch.

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm

Main Colours: Blue, Green, White

Packaging: Green fabric box with white padding, 8cm x 8cm

Why We Love This Bauble

As a small Christmas Shoppe in the west of Scotland, we especially love the way this memorable and unique bauble showcases the natural beauty of our local area and the landmarks around Loch Lomond – for this reason, it is also one of our most popular souvenir baubles amongst customers visiting or ordering from all over the world who want to have their own little piece of Scotland!

Aesthetically, the beautiful blues and greens and the amazing level of detail on these painted baubles really pop on any tree, especially blue or nautical themed Christmas displays.

3. Hand Painted Highland Dancers Bauble

Bring home a slice of Scotland with this stunning hand painted bauble, decorated with images of three Scottish country dancers in different colourful highland tartans.  These images are painted expertly on the inside of the clear glass bauble, presented in a beautiful padded gift box.

Three hand painted Scottish highland dancers on bauble
Hand painted Highland Dancers on Glass Bauble

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm

Colours: Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Packaging: Green fabric box with white padding, 8cm x 8cm

Why We Love This Bauble

We just love the way that this crystal clear bauble really shows off the amazing brushwork that goes into our hand painted baubles, from the colourful tartans on display to the extremely intricate detailing of the dancers themselves. Of all of our hand painted baubles, this particular design always blows our minds!

4. Hand Painted Snowy Church Scene

Check out this beautiful glass bauble, hand painted on the inside with the most stunning winter church and forest scene. This bauble also comes with its own handy little gift box perfect for gifting and storing!

Hand painted bauble with winter scene and church
Hand painted bauble with winter scene and church

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm

Colours: Blue, White, Yellow, Green

Packaging: Green fabric box with white padding, 8cm x 8cm

Why We Love This Bauble:

With its classic cosy and wintery scene, this is definitely one of the prettiest in our hand painted baubles collection – we especially love the ombré-layered night sky and landscape, and the amazing detail that has been put into the textured fir trees. This is also a fairly versatile decoration that would stand out on any Christmas tree for all of the best reasons.

5. Hand Painted ‘Lest We Forget’ Poppy Bauble

Check out this beautiful hand painted glass bauble, decorated with a trio of lovely red poppies on a crisp white background with the powerful message “Lest We Forget”.  Images painted on the inside of the bauble, bauble presented in a beautiful gift box.

Hand painted poppy bauble with ‘Lest We Forget’ message

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm

Colours: Red, White, Black

Packaging: Green fabric box with white padding, 8cm x 8cm

Why We Love This Bauble

This bauble is one very close to all of our hearts, not just because of the beautifully detailed poppy flowers and distinctly festive red and crisp white colouring but because of what it represents to us and our customers. The emblazoned words “Lest We Forget” are deeply meaningful, usually associated with Remembrance Sunday and the famous Poppy Appeal which remembers our fallen soldiers and raises funds to improve the lives of serving and ex-forces members in the UK, and so to show our support for this cause we have decided to donate £1 from every purchase of these elegant painted baubles to the Poppy Appeal Scotland!

There are plenty of other fabulous hand painted baubles to see both on our website and in store, as well as at many of our markets out and about. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more Christmas decorating and gifting inspiration – maybe you can start your own Christmas tradition and gift novelty baubles to your loved ones each year?

The Olde Christmas Shoppe
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Personalised Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Personalised Decoration for Mr and Mrs Claus!

The sun is blazing, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead and even get a head start on your Christmas shopping. This way, you can start to pick up on what your loved ones might appreciate throughout the year – however, we all know that one person who is notoriously hard to buy for! Whether you have a significant other who can never think of what they want, or a best friend who will just buy what they like when they see it, there’s always at least one person on every Christmas list that can leave you puzzled right up until December. Our solution? Get personal…

With a personalised Christmas present, tailored specifically for your loved one! Here are some of the reasons that we think personalised gifts are some of the best presents you can give – we even have our very own Personalised section on our website, live now!

Personalised Gifts Can Be Unique

One benefit of choosing to personalise your gifts is the unique nature of such a gift – it’s unlikely that they will already have the same thing and it shows some out-of-the-box thinking on your part that your loved ones will surely appreciate! In fact, research on festive consumer habits has found a preference for personal and unique gifts, with a whopping 65% of those surveyed preferring gifts with a personal touch over more expensive, widely available presents. Choosing to have your gifts personalised yourself also means that you are in complete control over the message being given, and can give a personalised gift to a friend or family member who may have a difficult or unusual name – this is a common gripe for those with unusual names and spellings, making the effort of personalising their very own unique gift or decoration all the more special.

Sharing The Love

Of course the whole idea of gift-giving is to show our love and appreciation for those closest to us, and any gift will be viewed as a symbol of love whether it be romantic, familial or friendly. However, choosing a personalised item especially can be an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with a person to choose something that you know they will love as opposed to a more generic gift. Personalised gifts are generally well-received for exactly this reason – the recipient not only gets a physical gift, but also the warmth and appreciation of knowing that you thought deeply about them in the gift-buying process.

Capturing and Preserving Memories

Personalised gifts
A selection of our favourite decorations to personalise.

Personalised gifts aren’t just for Christmas – even our own personalised tree decorations can be a fun and personal way to celebrate important events throughout the year such as weddings, special birthdays, births and other memorable milestones. At The Olde Christmas Shoppe, we even recently helped celebrate a very special 100th Christmas in 2021! Whether it be a personalised message or perhaps a fabulous and meaningful photobook, personalised gifts are the perfect way to celebrate these milestones as they can be kept as precious mementos over the years and continue to bring happiness to your loved ones.

For more Christmas inspiration, be sure to check out some of our personalised decorations in the gallery below – now available to order from our site for the very first time!

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That’s it for now, until next time!

The Olde Christmas Shoppe