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Reactaid: Aid for Ukraine

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With the current atrocities happening in Ukraine, we know that many of us are looking for any way to aid and stand in solidarity with those most affected by conflict on the ground – with over 8.4 million refugees fleeing the conflict and a further estimated 8 million citizens displaced within their home country, this is a humanitarian crisis that demands action now. That is why we at The Olde Christmas Shoppe have chosen to raise funds and awareness for Reactaid, a small start-up of volunteers who are working to directly supply aid to those helping people tirelessly on the ground in Ukraine; in short, “helping the people who are helping people”. We spoke with Ewen from Reactaid to get a better idea of the direct to-the-source aid that they provide, as well as how we at home can best support this group and others working within the borders of Ukraine and across Eastern Europe to alleviate the impact of war.

Reactaid’s work in Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

Support on the ground like that supplied by Reactaid is absolutely crucial as many larger organisations can only do so much without guaranteeing the safety of their employees, meaning that much of the on-the-ground work is down to the intervention of private Non-Governmental Organisations. Ewen and the amazing team behind Reactaid found that aid wasn’t reaching many areas of the country where it was most needed, leaving “certain areas swamped with stuff while those miles down the road have nothing”. This is where the van and ambulance drivers involved with Reactaid come in, using the full scope of their resources to directly deliver food, medical supplies and safety equipment straight to the people who need it most. This includes the many displaced people within Ukraine, predominantly vulnerable women and children, as well as fleeing refugees and those who have chosen to stay behind and volunteer to protect their home. Ewen has just completed his FREC 3 course which will allow him to operate as an ambulance support providing pre-hospital care, broadening the scope of aid they are able to provide.

How can we help?

If you are looking to extend your own support to Reactaid’s efforts in Ukraine, there are a number of ways for you to get involved. Any raised awareness is always appreciated by sharing their Facebook page and website across your social media platforms, as well as considering financial donations which are even more vital than ever with current rising fuel prices. Even the cost of your morning coffee can be an important step towards the fuel, ration packs and medical equipment needed to support the victims of war in Ukraine.

With this in mind, we encourage you to donate directly to their group via the Reactaid QR code below or participate in our own raffle to support Reactaid at £5 per entry using The Olde Christmas Shoppe Paypal link – to find out more, check out the details on our Facebook page! Reactaid also accepts donations of medical supplies, with a particular need for infant paracetamol and ibuprofen as well as essential vitamins for those lacking food or taking shelter below ground in subway stations.

Most importantly, Reactaid and other relief groups operating in Ukraine need consistent support to be able to continue the great work they are doing – this conflict sadly doesn’t appear to be lessening any time soon, and we need to keep the discussion and support going so that teams like Reactaid can continue to change and save lives.

Our Paypal – make a payment of £5.00 to enter our Reactaid Raffle
Reactaid Paypal Code
Donate directly to Reactaid using this Paypal QR code or check out their site
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