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John Muir Way

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The John Muir Way

One of Scotland’s Great Trails, the John Muir Way offers walkers and cyclists a unique journey through Scotland’s landscapes, history and heritage.

Traversing central Scotland coast to coast in 134 miles, it links Helensburgh in the west with Dunbar in the east (birthplace of ‘father of national parks’ John Muir).

The Olde Christmas Shoppe  is located in Section 1 of the route and is an ideal stop-over when starting or completing the trail, or base for shorter excursions. We are a 2 minute walk west along the promenade from the starting point at Helensburgh Swimming Pool, marked by a seat made from Scottish oak and a circular stone plinth with engraved footprints and a John Muir quote. There is also a mural depicting John Muir on the Pumping Station nearby.


 The circular stone plinth located next to Helensburgh Swimming Pool with the Olde Christmas Shoppe in the background.


The John Muir mural on the Pumping Station with Helensburgh Pier behind it.

The John Muir Way Passport

The perfect way to mark your progress from coast to coast, the John Muir Way official passport is also your ticket to exclusive offers along the route.

Show it off, frame it, or keep it under your pillow! However you choose to celebrate, the John Muir Way passport records your achievement in completing the 10 sections between Helensburgh and Dunbar.

Whether you’re doing the route in one go or tackling one section at a time, be sure to have your passport stamped to mark your progress. When you’ve collected all ten stamps, you can claim your free completer certificate.

There are ‘stamping stations’ dotted along the route in all sorts of places, from paddle steamers to pubs and castles to cafes. Look out for the STAMPING STATION logo at venues in each section.

Helensburgh Swimming Pool is the Stamping Station for Section 1. We are delighted to welcome John Muir Way passport holders. Simply show your passport to a member of staff to benefit from our offer of 10% 0ff all purchases.

For more information about the coast to coast route, visit

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