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Stirling Highland Games 2022

Join our merry selves at the 2022 Stirling Highland Games 

The Bridge of Allan, or Strathallan, Highland games have been celebrated for 160 years and can lay claim to not only being the oldest games in Scotland, but the biggest too! 

A fabulous day for all the family with all the usual suspects to be found, funfair, flair and all things Scottish and Christmas! 

We’ve composed a short tune to celebrate the games being back and what to anticipate – 

10 grass cyclists, cycling. 


100 ATHLETES, competing

More than a thousand pipers, Piping

80 pipebands, Also piping

A fabulous array of WAARREESSSS. 

Find us at stall 37 – directly opposite the Grandstand! 

If you can’t make it there, remember we’re online too and can ship globally! 







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