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The 5 Prettiest Christmas Decorations For Your 2022 Enchanted Forest Theme

Merry Christmas everyone, from The Olde Christmas Shoppe! One of our favourite unusual Christmas themes that is gaining popularity is the mystical “Enchanted Forest” theme – with creative decorations from natural pinecones and berries to fairies, gnomes, and other woodland creatures, you can transform your living room into a truly magical wintery forest straight from a story book!

We love this festive fairy tale trend so much, we have compiled a handy little list breaking down our very own top pick decorations to fit your ‘enchanted forest’ theme this Christmas season to give you a little inspiration – a selection of toadstools and creatures, both woodland and mythical. Let us know which of these magical decorations is your favourite and be sure to check out our online shop at for further festive fun and enchanting Christmas décor!

1. Grey Wool Bauble with Toadstools

This quirky decoration is unmistakably by Gisela Graham, a fun woollen bauble with cute toadstool detail that is perfect for fairy tale lovers and gardeners.”

Toadstool Gisela Graham bauble

Dimensions: 7cm

Colour: Grey, White, Red

Material: Wool

Price: £5.99

Why We Love This Bauble

This bauble is the very definition of something a bit different for the tree this year, from its unconventional soft and fluffy texture to the adorable little red and white spotted toadstools that give us major “Enchanted Forest” vibes – this decoration could even be perfect for setting up your very own fairy garden at home! A sweet and simple new family favourite that would soften the look of your Christmas tree, with the added bonus of this soft bauble being easy and stress-free to pack and store year by year.

2. Goldleaf Toadstool Bauble 

“Create an enchanted winter forest in your home with one of these gorgeous, themed glass baubles (8cm) by the wonderful Gisela Graham… to give your Christmas tree a more natural, woodsy feeling.”

Gisela Graham Gold

Dimensions: 8cm

Colour: Gold, Red

Material: Glass, Gold leaf

Price: £6.99

Why We Love This Bauble

This toadstool bauble has been a firm favourite bauble amongst our Christmas Shoppe elves ever since hitting our shelves in late 2021, in large part due to the elegant and uber-festive shimmering gold leaf which coats the exterior in a funky crackled texture (as Official Christmas Elves, we can’t help but love EVERYTHING that sparkles and shines!). We also love the flat-topped red spotted toadstools emblazoned on the bauble’s surface – they are gorgeously detailed as a contrast to the cute and simple toadstool decoration above, giving this particular bauble and interesting blend of rustic vibes and opulence to your enchanting Christmas display. 

3. Set of 10 White Unicorn String Lights

“Home décor for the unicorn lover! Battery-operated and in surreal glowing white light, this string set of 10 prancing unicorn fairy lights is sure to look lovely on your Christmas tree or in the bedroom of unicorn fans of all ages.”

Dimensions: Light Spacing 15cm; Lead Length 0.3m

Colour: White

Material: Plastic, LED lights

Price: £9.99

Why We Love This Decoration

This set of unicorn-themed fairy lights is absolutely adorable, and at a good price too! The string of wee glowing white unicorns can bring a little bit of fun and whimsy to your Christmas tree and help recapture a little of that childhood magic or make the perfect gift all year round for someone who loves all things cute and mystical – after all, who doesn’t secretly want their own herd of sparkling unicorns?! 

4. Small Peacock-Inspired Fairy Tree Topper

“Add a pop of magical colour to your Christmas tree this year with this stunning fairy tree topper by the talented Gisela Graham, clad in a peacock-inspired dress with flowing blue sheer material, cascading colourful feathers and shimmering turquoise sequins.” (Available in store)


Colour: Blue, Green, Purple

Material: Plastic, Mesh, Feather, Sequin

Price: £19.99

Why We Love This Bauble

This beautiful little lady by London-based Gisela Graham is one of my personal favourites in our tree topper collection, something a little unique and different from the traditional star and angel tree toppers. Her dress is a stunning combination of bright peacock colours in an almost collage-form, with layers of fabulous feathers, ruffled skirts, and glittering sequins galore, with added festive sparkle in her gold glitter wings – she is surely the most enchanting fairy you could have to watch over your own ‘enchanted forest’ this Christmas.

5.   Bristle Fox or Squirrel Hanging Decorations

 “Transform your home into a natural wonderland this Christmas season with one of these two adorable woodland creatures by the talented Gisela Graham – each sold separately and ready to hang from your Christmas tree…”

Dimensions: 12cm x 6cm

Colours: Orange, Cream, Black

Material: Bristle


Why We Love These Decorations

Any enchanted winter forest wouldn’t be complete without wildlife to live among the trees! Part of our newest range of decorations by one of our favourite designers Gisela Graham, this delightful duo of woodland creatures is sure to be a big hit with their cute crouching poses and fabulously textured bristled ‘fur’. Whether you prefer the foxes or squirrels, these fun decorations also bring a pop of vibrant burnt-orange colour to any Christmas tree – they’re colourful, cute and must-have forest friends!

For more Christmas inspiration and enchanted forest ideas, be sure to check out some of our other blog, particularly our magical tips for a very fairy Christmas!

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