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Building a website, and setting her free!

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When you set out to build a website – you have no idea how big a job its going to be, how many times you’ll be let down by people and how many facets are actually involved! Every time you think you’re nearly finished you realise that you have hours of work to go on a section you hadn’t even realised you’d need to do until that moment….

But you also find your comrade, the one that makes sense of it all, the one who makes the back of the website easy to operate, easy to understand, exciting almost… that guy for me was the wonderful Matt from Professional Structures, I can’t thank him or recommend him enough!

We have been nearly live for sometime now (something else to note… you’re never finished… If you wait until you’re finished to go live I suspect you never would!), and we nearly didn’t go live today as we still have all the links to embed, you know – the links to our favourite partners in crime.. these are all sorts of people from makers, to photographers, from toy shops to experiences, things like links to the John Muir Way and all the things there are to do locally – and our shipping options aren’t quite right yet – but there’s time for that, we can add as we go – so – today we have made the decision to go live, to send our new baby into the world! We do this with a commitment to developing her, to growing her and tweaking her for ever more! We’re nervous about it as its not finished – its not as shiny as we want it to be – but – we’re happy with it – so here goes – and we hope you like it!

PS.. Our websites a she today… they change sex depending on the mood you’re in!

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