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4 Festive Floral Decorations

Summer is truly in full swing now, and we can’t get enough of our fabulous floral decorations this season! Perfect for making your Christmas tree the prettiest in the street or even as decoration all year round, you’ll be sure to fall in love with our selection as we take a closer look at our very own Christmas Shoppe favourites below. So beautiful we can almost smell the fresh flowers!

1. Colourful Floral Blue Bauble by Gisela Graham

“This colourful  bouquet of red, yellow and blue flowers with glitter detail on their petals pop against the matt blue background of this bauble from Gisela Graham.”

Size: 8cm

Colour: Blue with red and green

Price: £5.99

What we love about this bauble…

This bauble, like all Gisela Graham pieces, is a truly beautiful piece to have hanging on any tree! We love the almost antique-style floral design that sprawls across the blue surface, and of course the addition of glitter makes this bauble all the better as it catches the light in an room and just brightens it up. The perfect blend of old-fashioned and modern home décor!

2. Pretty Purple Poinsettia Clear Glass Bauble

“Add a little bit of colour to your Christmas tree this year with this gorgeous floral bauble by the very talented Gisela Graham.”

Pretty Purple Poinsetta Clear Glass Bauble - 8cm

Size: 8cm

Colour: Clear, purple

Price: £5.99

What we love about this bauble…

This is definitely one of our favourite floral decorations this year, and it’s easy to see why! Because of the crisp clear glass, the stunning purples and greens of this pretty floral pattern appear extra vibrant as the centrepiece of the entire decoration, accentuated even further by tasteful tones of shimmering glitter. We also love the hand-brushed effect of the paint which adds a softness to the decoration.

3. Colourful Peruvian Inspired Embroidered Felt Daisy

“Embrace the flower power and display one of these adorable Peruvian Inspired colourful embroidered felt daisy decorations.”

Colourful Peruvian Inspired Embroidered Felt Daisy - Purple Colour

Size: 16cm

Colour: Multicolour

Price: £5.99

What we love about these floral decorations…

These decorations bring something a little bit different to your tree at Christmas time, and if you’re mad about bright colours like us then they are perfect for display all year round! They are also wonderfully soft, with a distinct handmade look and a selection of brilliant bright colours – we even have a number of colour options for you to choose from.

4. Gold Floral Bee Baubles

“Showcase your appreciation of nature this holiday season with one of our variety of bee-inspired baubles by the wonderful Gisela Graham.”

Size: 8cm

Colour: Clear, gold, black, red

Price: £6.99

What we love about these floral decorations…

These are some of our prettiest baubles, with delicate and opulent golden flowers standing out brilliantly on the clear glass base. The bees are the sweetest addition too – small gold and black striped bees with ruby red diamantes for a little extra colour and sparkle. With these classic festive colours on such an unusual themed decoration, there’s nothing not to love about this Gisela Graham piece.

Feeling inspired? Be sure to check out our blog ‘The 5 Prettiest Christmas Decorations for your 2022 Enchanted Forest Theme’, where you’ll find some woodland-inspired decorations that will pair perfectly with your floral baubles!

The Olde Christmas Shoppe
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What is Christmas in July?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have you ever wondered why people say “It’s like Christmas in July”? We have, and with summer upon us we figured it’s about time we take a dive and find out exactly what Christmas in July is… is it just a silly phrase, a Christmas comedy classic, or a more-than-welcome chance to get into the Christmas spirit mid-year? Join us as we take a look at the origins of Christmas in July and how you can celebrate this whimsical phenomenon no matter where in the world you find yourself!

The History of Christmas in July

Christmas in July as a practice has its roots in the Southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand…), as their winter season takes place during this time of year – while we’re all sunbathing and drinking cocktails! Since the weather is a little bit colder in July than in December down under, many people take this opportunity to celebrate Christmas the way that we do in the Northern hemisphere – cozied up inside round the nearest heat source, wrapped in blankets and watching festive films with a hot drink. We think this is a fantastic way of capturing the traditionally wintery feel of the Christmas season, and of course they still celebrate on December 25th too; usually with a trip to the beach or a barbecue in the sun, since the average temperature across Australia ranges between 25°C and 30°C in December.

Santa enjoying Christmas in July

We would love to experience a Christmas in the sun, and even the thought of celebrating two Christmases has us too excited to handle… but thankfully, Christmas in July has a place in the Northern parts of the world too! It goes without saying that July is very different in the northern hemisphere than the south – while Scottish weather is unpredictable at best, July finds itself nestled right in the middle of the summer months, usually filled with heatwaves and trips to the seaside (maybe even ‘taps aff’ weather if we’re lucky!). So what would a Christmas in July look like in the height of summer?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where this tradition comes from in the UK and US, with pop culture references cropping up from the mid-20th century such as the 1940 comedy film ‘Christmas in July’ starring Dick Powell, but the mystery of the tradition’s origins in the north certainly won’t stop us celebrating! While our December Christmas perfectly scratches the itch for the idyllic winter festive season, some of us just love Christmas so much that we’d gladly have two celebrations in the year. Christmas in July usually falls around the beginning of the Christmas retail season, with decoration and gift stock beginning to arrive in our favourite stores as well as a treasure trove of seasonal bargains that make it the perfect time to consolidate the Christmas list and get your shopping done early. It’s also the best excuse to party away and celebrate the year so far, with festive decorations and treats for all. Maybe try a festive-themed barbecue – pigs-in-blankets anyone? – and cuddle up on the cooler nights as all of your favourite Hallmark-esque Christmas movies tend to be showing or streaming online during the month, including the 2021 ‘Christmas in July’ which, unlike its 1940 predecessor, is actually a Christmas movie with all the heart-warming moments we expect! There are so many ways to make this summer a little more festive and get in the Christmas mindset, and we at The Olde Christmas Shoppe are excited to try them all with you in 2023!

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Disney Christmas Specials You May Have Missed

Merry Christmas everyone! When it comes to Christmas time, there’s nothing more special than getting the snacks in, curling up with your family and sticking on your favourite Christmas films. From Elf to The Holiday, there’s something for everyone on the telly at Christmas, but you simply can’t beat the combined magic of Christmas and Disney to really turn up the festive feels. Luckily for you, we’ve done some serious research and have been watching all of the fantastic, underrated Disney Christmas movies and specials that may well have flown under your radar… time to get inspired and load up these fabulous films, all available on Disney+ and DVD!

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

This is a personal favourite that this particular elf watches every year without fail – my number one Disney story AND the best time of year in one movie? Yes please! This classic film has everything we’re looking for in a Disney Christmas movie: new original songs, a mixture of our favourite Beauty and the Beast characters with new additions in the castle, and a heartwarming story that follows the bookish heroine Belle as she tries to bring Christmas to the castle for the first time since the Beast’s curse fell upon them to the chagrin of Beast and his villainous confidante Forte. The Enchanted Christmas is truly breathtaking and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

For anyone lucky enough to own this classic Disney Christmas movie on VHS when it was released, this festive anthology became a staple of the Christmas season year after year. In the style of a good old-fashioned holiday variety show, the one and only Mickey Mouse presents an anthology of short Christmas stories, each featuring our favourite characters from the House of Mouse as they navigate the festive season and learn important lessons along the way.

Santa Warning for parents: The second segment, ‘A Very Goofy Christmas’, contains some debate about the existence of Santa Claus. Don’t worry, though – all is well in the end as Goofy and Max realise what we’ve always known: Santa Claus is very much real!

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

This entry to our list is a new 2022 release that took the Marvel fanbase by storm as the penultimate installation of the Guardians of the Galaxy film series – a PG-13 film that’s ideal for older kids and grownups looking to have a right good belly laugh this Christmas! Be ready to fall off your seats laughing as Star Lord’s galactic friends learn about the traditions of Christmas and try to cheer their best friend up by throwing the best space-Christmas ever seen, with a very special celebrity appearance from Kevin Bacon as himself, “the legendary Kevin Bacon”. This is arguably one of the greatest holiday specials in recent history, and will hopefully become a long-lasting Christmas staple for families everywhere.

We hope this has given you some inspiration as you plan the Disney Christmas movie itinerary for this year – if you love Disney and Christmas as much as we do, be sure to check out our blog post where we find the 7 Most Magical Disney Decorations this year!

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Christmas Tips for Summer!?

We’re almost halfway to Christmas now and hoping for a beautiful sunny summer, spent in the garden and by the sea! We at The Olde Christmas Shoppe have compiled our favourite top garden tips for all of our gardening aficionados out there to help keep your garden thriving and full of colour this season – make the most of the good weather and keep it green with recycling tips, bee-friendly flowers and sustainable fruit trees this summer.

Summer Tip #1: ‘Bee’ friendly

We love the bees and the hard work they do to pollenate our flowers, so it’s always upsetting to see the news that bee populations are struggling; many species of pollinators are in decline in the UK, impacting our biodiversity as a whole. One thing that we can do to help out the bees and other struggling insects is to encourage the growth of native wildflowers in our gardens and local areas to combat the dwindling wild spaces in the world – varied wildflowers are vital feeding habitats for all kinds of insects, butterflies and bees, perfect for keeping our little striped ‘essential workers’ happy and pollinating!

Create a haven for the butterflies and the bees in your own garden, adding fragrance and rainbow colours to your space along the way. We recommend trying out these Beebombs from our friends at Hippy Things, “a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, fine, sifted soil and locally sourced clay” that are tailor-made to keep the local bee population satisfied and healthy!

Summer Tip #2: Protect your fruit trees

Birds are often a welcome sight in your garden, but they can become a nuisance when they come to snack on the fruits of your labours (pun intended!) Stress no more, as we’ve found a fun and inventive top garden tip that should keep your fruit trees safe and beautify your garden at the same time…

Christmas tree baubles! Yes, indeed, your shiniest Christmas tree baubles and other reflective surfaces can be used in your garden to deter birds as they reflect the sunlight – just hang your reflective decorations from your fruit trees, secured with string or fishing wire for safety. Not only will your fruit be safe until harvesting time, but you’ll also have the best dressed fruit trees in town for sure! You can even buy outdoor specific baubles if you’re so inclined.

Summer Tip #3: For the bird-friendly garden

Want to encourage birds into your garden this summer, without sacrificing the fruits of your labours (literally)? You can always set up a dedicated bird feeding station in your garden to encourage interaction with wildlife – just make sure to consult with bird experts such as the RSPB to get tips on what to feed them and when. For example, most of our garden-variety birds are in need of a high-protein diet during the hot summer months and will surely enjoy an assortment of sunflower seeds, dried fruits and even a little bit of mild cheese!

Claire’s recycled Christmas tree!

You can also make your garden a haven for our feathered friends AND reduce your Christmas carbon footprint by getting in on the treecycling trend next year. Simply keep your real Christmas tree potted and watered beyond the festive period and move the undressed tree to your garden; replace those baubles with bird snacks and create a natural bird utopia right outside your window.

Claire from the Shoppe has been doing fantastic at treecycling this year – her own Christmas tree is still full of life and certainly drawing in the wildlife, while our shop tree is getting some R&R with the elves before hopefully returning to the window this autumn!

Summer Tip #4: LEDs are NOT just for Christmas!

Bust the fairy lights out of the attic and turn your garden into the No.1 hotspot for BBQing, partying and relaxing ’til long after the sun goes down! LED lights aren’t just for Christmas trees anymore – we’ve put together just a couple of our favourite summer lighting ideas here and would love to hear/see what you’ve come up with in your own garden, too.

Depending on what types of lights you have on hand, there are many different ways to jazz up your space this summer. To really brighten up any dark spots in your garden, try experimenting with large numbers of string lights in a cascading effect down your fences and walls. You can even use long string lights to create a canopy and define the central hang-out spaces in your garden, whether it be the patio, fire pit or even a hot tub for some lucky ducks!

You can also experiment with LED lighting on a smaller scale by putting small sets of lights into vases or funky mason jars to create bright and unique centrepieces for BBQs and garden parties. Be sure to try out different colours and shapes to see what works best for your garden, and keep tabs on social media for even more inspiration! We admittedly LOVED this idea on Pinterest which even comes with a handy how-to for these spectacular light balls – off to buy a hundred yards of chicken wire now! Check out our spectacular and extensive selection of lights here to find the perfect fit for your summer projects.

Happy sunbathing from all of us here at The Olde Christmas Shoppe – be sure to pop in for a slush this summer and say hello!

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7 Most Magical Disney Decorations

Calling fans of all things festive and Disney! At The Olde Christmas Shoppe we have stock for children of all ages (yes, grown-up children too!), with a marvellous and extensive selection of Christmas decorations straight from the books and feature films of Walt Disney! Join us as we count down our personal favourite Disney decorations on offer, with a handy breakdown of their specifications to help you choose the perfect addition to your tree.

1. Delightfully Disney Mickey or Minnie

“Brighten up those branches with these wonderfully festive Mickey and Minnie Christmas decorations, each one a must-have novelty piece for the Disney lovers in your life!”

Disney mickey and minnie decorations


Material: Plastic

Main Colours: Red, white, black

Price: £12.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

These adorable tree decorations are the final word in Disney Christmas; the perfect mix of festive Father Christmas fun and the House of Mouse’s most iconic couple that started it all! We just love the funky poses of these skilfully blow-moulded decorations, especially Minnie’s sassy hand-on-hip stance, and the vibrant colours that make these ornaments look like they’ve stepped straight out from a cartoon.

2. Pooh Bear and Friends Putting Up the Tree

“Celebrate the Christmas spirit with our friends from Disney’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories!”

Size: 10cm

Material: Resin

Main Colours: Navy blue background, multicolour

Price: £15.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

This hanging plaque-style decoration is just the sweetest decoration for all the family, showing all of the friends in the Hundred Acre Wood gathering around the Christmas tree together in a display of festive cheer and friendship – we love this image and think it shows the real spirit of the season! With brightly coloured beloved characters and a sweet Christmas message that throws back to the children’s books, this decoration truly feels like the classic Disney we all know and love.

3. Disney Marvel Amazing Spiderman 3D Bauble

“Have a ‘super’ Christmas this year with this fun novelty 3D Spiderman bauble, perfect for the Disney Marvel lovers out there.”

Disney Marvel Amazing Spiderman 3D Bauble

Size: 13cm

Material: Plastic

Main Colours: Red, blue

Price: £13.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

This is one of our favourite Disney decorations inspired by Marvel’s very own Spiderman, the long-time fan-favourite superhero. Not only are there many fans of the web-slinger among these elves – this bauble’s great size, eye-catching comic book colours and sturdy makeup are major reasons why this bauble is a top pick among elves, shoppers and children alike!

4. Ursula ‘The Little Mermaid’ Decoration

“Show some love to the villains this Christmas with this novelty Ursula decoration from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ – you’d be a “poor unfortunate soul” to miss this!”

Disney Ursula from The Little Mermaid Tree Decoration

Size: 10cm

Material: Acrylic

Main Colour(s): Blue, Purple

Price: £13.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

Call us cynics but we are in LOVE with this year’s marvellous selection of wicked Disney villains, and Ursula the Sea Witch reigns supreme. Her lilac skin and deep indigo tentacles are so vibrant, and the acrylic construction of this decoration makes it a favourite among clumsy elves (here!), kiddies and destructive pet owners too!

5. ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Hanging Disney Decorations

“Make your Christmas magical with the truly wonderful Disney fairytale, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.”

Belle and Beast Disney Decorations

Size: 8cm

Material: Acrylic

Main Colour(s): Blue/Yellow

Price: £10.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

The attention to detail in each of these fairytale decorations is amazing, perfectly capturing the iconic ballroom outfits in vivid technicolour that will brighten up any Christmas display – they even have glittering ribbons to bring a little Disney sparkle! These decorations are definitely a fan favourite among our Disney aficionados and we can see why.

6. Favourite Frozen Characters

“Make your home a Frozen winter wonderland this Christmas with our collection of characters from the beloved Disney movie series ‘Frozen’, blow-moulded and ready to hang from your branches!”

Frozen Characters Disney Decorations - Anna / Olaf / Elsa

Size: 7cm – 10cm

Material: Resin

Main Colour(s): Blue, white

Price: £12.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

There’s nothing more Christmas-y than the beloved cast of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – we adore each of these tree decorations, perfectly representing Elsa, Anna and the fun-loving snowman Olaf in all their glory. Expertly blow-moulded and painted in their vibrant movie colours, these detailed figures are a big hit with our younger customers.

7. Eeyore from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Disney Decoration

“Who couldn’t love Eeyore? He’s guaranteed to make you smile hanging on the tree this Christmas!”

Size: 9cm

Material: Resin

Main Colour(s): Blue

Price: £11.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

I think I speak for many of us Disney fans when I say that Eeyore is our spirit animal. We can all relate to the sometimes gloomy yet loving donkey, especially in this decoration – all tangled up in Christmas lights but still smiling and feeling festive in his Santa hat! Full of tongue-in-cheek humour and painted in soft yet dazzling colours straight from a story book, this beloved character is definitely deserving of a spot among our top Disney picks in the lead-up to Christmas 2023.

If you’re a fan of the magical selection of Disney decorations shown in this list, make sure to click here to browse our full fairy tale selection online! Merry Christmas!

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Our Christmas Savings Club

Merry Christmas everyone! The sun may be shining and Easter Sunday is right round the corner but that’s no reason not to be looking forward as always to our favourite time of the year – yes, it’s time to talk Christmas 2023. We want you to be prepared to make this the best Christmas ever, with a membership to our very own Christmas Savings Club – a simple way to spread the costs of Christmas. Read on to find out more about this helpful scheme!

About the Christmas Savings Club

Christmas savings

When it comes to saving up for those Christmas delights that make the season feel so special, our savings scheme couldn’t be more simple! First off, you’ll need to register as a member by popping into our store for a chat and asking about the savings club; one of our elves will happily assist you in opening an account with no fuss necessary. All we need are your contact details and signature on the scheme’s T&C’s and you’re ready to start saving – open your account by depositing however much you’d like to save and start building your bank which can be cashed out in store to purchase any items. Just remember to bring your membership card any time you want to use it to keep the Christmas Savings process smooth and hassle-free. And as an added bonus, any new members in the month of April 2023 will receive £5 store credit!

Why should you join our Christmas Savings Club?

It’s no secret that the most wonderful time of the year can also be pretty stressful; physically, emotionally and certainly financially. In fact, a YouGov investigation found the average Brit preparing to spend £642 on Christmas 2022 – a whopping figure if spent over the few short months at the end of the year! We know how hard it can be to balance financial constraints with the magical Christmas you want, but spreading the costs of Christmas throughout the year can help make things a little easier come December by taking advantage of sales throughout the year and decorating your home with our Savings Club. Reduce the stress of December and make sure that you can enjoy the season, knowing that it’s already all taken care of.

To start your Christmas shopping now, be sure to check out our website for new and interesting decorations and more: Purveyors of all things Christmas (