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A Fairy Christmas

A collection tree toppers and Christmas baubles, mostly fairies and forest creatures, in a woodland setting.

Happy International Fairy Day, and a merry fairy Christmas to one and all!

We all know that Christmas time is the most magical time of the year – sparkling snow and festive cheer, Santa Claus and his reindeer flying all over the globe… The festive season can often feel like something straight from the pages of a fairy tale! Join us as we investigate the essential roles of Santa’s own fairy friends, and learn a little bit about how woodland fairies celebrate the festive season – maybe you and your family can celebrate your very own fairy Christmas!

Fairy Christmas Facts

Fairy in Christmas Stocking

There are lots of very special fairies that are crucial to the magical Christmas experience, starting with the fairies that work alongside Santa Claus and his elves at the North Pole. Everybody knows that the elves at Santa’s workshop are in charge of making the toys for all of the children – what you may not know is that with so many children to make presents for, they need the help of Christmas fairies to do important jobs like turning sugar and peppermint into delicious candy canes and even checking up on children to make sure they’re staying on the nice list! Definitely something to keep in mind when we’re sneaking extra biscuits from the tin…  

It is also rumoured that Santa invites some of his fairies to join him on his yearly trip around the world, where they can use their magic to keep his hot chocolate warm all through the cold and frosty night. We’ve also heard that the fairies may even be the ones filling your stockings, flying in and out quickly and stealthily while Santa puts larger presents under the tree. Check your stockings on Christmas morning to see if they’ve left any fairy dust!  

Make your own fairy Christmas…

Of course, there are lots of other fairies who don’t live and work in the North Pole – there’s fairies all over the world, living in gardens and forests and celebrating the Yuletide season in their very own fairy fashion! Here are some of the fairy Christmas traditions that they enjoy, and ways that you can adjust them for your own family:

Natural decorations for a Fairy Christmas
Fairies love to decorate using materials found in nature!
  • Fairies love playing in the snow, trying to blend in with the snowflakes when humans are around. They especially love having ‘snowball fights’ – of course, only one single snowflake at a time with their tiny hands! When you’re out having fun in the snow, why not catch your own snowflakes and see if you can spot any dancing snow fairies?

  • Everyone loves a wee festive libation to warm your bones of a cold winter’s night, and fairies are no different. Fairies will mix special warming brews in the evening; they will forage for yummy berries and winter spices, mixing them all together inside a large walnut shell before sharing with their friends. Now, a shell-full might leave a human quite thirsty, so we suggest serving up pots of mulled wine or spiced hot chocolate. Raise a mug to the fairies and elves working hard at Christmas!

  • Fairies also like to decorate their little homes with all kinds of natural seasonal materials at Christmas time. This is fun and easy to do as a festive family activity – you can organise your own winter nature trail and be on the lookout for fallen holly leaves, pinecones and other natural materials to add to your home. Remember to respect the environment when you’re out foraging, as fairies are very protective over nature and nobody wants to be at odds with these often-mischievous magical creatures!

Be sure to check out our gathering of fairy-tale goodies here at our website and get some inspiration for your own Fairy Christmas!

Until next time!

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