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7 Most Magical Disney Decorations

Calling fans of all things festive and Disney! At The Olde Christmas Shoppe we have stock for children of all ages (yes, grown-up children too!), with a marvellous and extensive selection of Christmas decorations straight from the books and feature films of Walt Disney! Join us as we count down our personal favourite Disney decorations on offer, with a handy breakdown of their specifications to help you choose the perfect addition to your tree.

1. Delightfully Disney Mickey or Minnie

“Brighten up those branches with these wonderfully festive Mickey and Minnie Christmas decorations, each one a must-have novelty piece for the Disney lovers in your life!”

Disney mickey and minnie decorations


Material: Plastic

Main Colours: Red, white, black

Price: £12.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

These adorable tree decorations are the final word in Disney Christmas; the perfect mix of festive Father Christmas fun and the House of Mouse’s most iconic couple that started it all! We just love the funky poses of these skilfully blow-moulded decorations, especially Minnie’s sassy hand-on-hip stance, and the vibrant colours that make these ornaments look like they’ve stepped straight out from a cartoon.

2. Pooh Bear and Friends Putting Up the Tree

“Celebrate the Christmas spirit with our friends from Disney’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories!”

Size: 10cm

Material: Resin

Main Colours: Navy blue background, multicolour

Price: £15.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

This hanging plaque-style decoration is just the sweetest decoration for all the family, showing all of the friends in the Hundred Acre Wood gathering around the Christmas tree together in a display of festive cheer and friendship – we love this image and think it shows the real spirit of the season! With brightly coloured beloved characters and a sweet Christmas message that throws back to the children’s books, this decoration truly feels like the classic Disney we all know and love.

3. Disney Marvel Amazing Spiderman 3D Bauble

“Have a ‘super’ Christmas this year with this fun novelty 3D Spiderman bauble, perfect for the Disney Marvel lovers out there.”

Disney Marvel Amazing Spiderman 3D Bauble

Size: 13cm

Material: Plastic

Main Colours: Red, blue

Price: £13.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

This is one of our favourite Disney decorations inspired by Marvel’s very own Spiderman, the long-time fan-favourite superhero. Not only are there many fans of the web-slinger among these elves – this bauble’s great size, eye-catching comic book colours and sturdy makeup are major reasons why this bauble is a top pick among elves, shoppers and children alike!

4. Ursula ‘The Little Mermaid’ Decoration

“Show some love to the villains this Christmas with this novelty Ursula decoration from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ – you’d be a “poor unfortunate soul” to miss this!”

Disney Ursula from The Little Mermaid Tree Decoration

Size: 10cm

Material: Acrylic

Main Colour(s): Blue, Purple

Price: £13.99

What we love about this Disney decoration…

Call us cynics but we are in LOVE with this year’s marvellous selection of wicked Disney villains, and Ursula the Sea Witch reigns supreme. Her lilac skin and deep indigo tentacles are so vibrant, and the acrylic construction of this decoration makes it a favourite among clumsy elves (here!), kiddies and destructive pet owners too!

5. ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Hanging Disney Decorations

“Make your Christmas magical with the truly wonderful Disney fairytale, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.”

Belle and Beast Disney Decorations

Size: 8cm

Material: Acrylic

Main Colour(s): Blue/Yellow

Price: £10.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

The attention to detail in each of these fairytale decorations is amazing, perfectly capturing the iconic ballroom outfits in vivid technicolour that will brighten up any Christmas display – they even have glittering ribbons to bring a little Disney sparkle! These decorations are definitely a fan favourite among our Disney aficionados and we can see why.

6. Favourite Frozen Characters

“Make your home a Frozen winter wonderland this Christmas with our collection of characters from the beloved Disney movie series ‘Frozen’, blow-moulded and ready to hang from your branches!”

Frozen Characters Disney Decorations - Anna / Olaf / Elsa

Size: 7cm – 10cm

Material: Resin

Main Colour(s): Blue, white

Price: £12.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

There’s nothing more Christmas-y than the beloved cast of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – we adore each of these tree decorations, perfectly representing Elsa, Anna and the fun-loving snowman Olaf in all their glory. Expertly blow-moulded and painted in their vibrant movie colours, these detailed figures are a big hit with our younger customers.

7. Eeyore from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Disney Decoration

“Who couldn’t love Eeyore? He’s guaranteed to make you smile hanging on the tree this Christmas!”

Size: 9cm

Material: Resin

Main Colour(s): Blue

Price: £11.99

What we love about these Disney decorations…

I think I speak for many of us Disney fans when I say that Eeyore is our spirit animal. We can all relate to the sometimes gloomy yet loving donkey, especially in this decoration – all tangled up in Christmas lights but still smiling and feeling festive in his Santa hat! Full of tongue-in-cheek humour and painted in soft yet dazzling colours straight from a story book, this beloved character is definitely deserving of a spot among our top Disney picks in the lead-up to Christmas 2023.

If you’re a fan of the magical selection of Disney decorations shown in this list, make sure to click here to browse our full fairy tale selection online! Merry Christmas!

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