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4 Festive Floral Decorations

Summer is truly in full swing now, and we can’t get enough of our fabulous floral decorations this season! Perfect for making your Christmas tree the prettiest in the street or even as decoration all year round, you’ll be sure to fall in love with our selection as we take a closer look at our very own Christmas Shoppe favourites below. So beautiful we can almost smell the fresh flowers!

1. Colourful Floral Blue Bauble by Gisela Graham

“This colourful  bouquet of red, yellow and blue flowers with glitter detail on their petals pop against the matt blue background of this bauble from Gisela Graham.”

Size: 8cm

Colour: Blue with red and green

Price: £5.99

What we love about this bauble…

This bauble, like all Gisela Graham pieces, is a truly beautiful piece to have hanging on any tree! We love the almost antique-style floral design that sprawls across the blue surface, and of course the addition of glitter makes this bauble all the better as it catches the light in an room and just brightens it up. The perfect blend of old-fashioned and modern home décor!

2. Pretty Purple Poinsettia Clear Glass Bauble

“Add a little bit of colour to your Christmas tree this year with this gorgeous floral bauble by the very talented Gisela Graham.”

Pretty Purple Poinsetta Clear Glass Bauble - 8cm

Size: 8cm

Colour: Clear, purple

Price: £5.99

What we love about this bauble…

This is definitely one of our favourite floral decorations this year, and it’s easy to see why! Because of the crisp clear glass, the stunning purples and greens of this pretty floral pattern appear extra vibrant as the centrepiece of the entire decoration, accentuated even further by tasteful tones of shimmering glitter. We also love the hand-brushed effect of the paint which adds a softness to the decoration.

3. Colourful Peruvian Inspired Embroidered Felt Daisy

“Embrace the flower power and display one of these adorable Peruvian Inspired colourful embroidered felt daisy decorations.”

Colourful Peruvian Inspired Embroidered Felt Daisy - Purple Colour

Size: 16cm

Colour: Multicolour

Price: £5.99

What we love about these floral decorations…

These decorations bring something a little bit different to your tree at Christmas time, and if you’re mad about bright colours like us then they are perfect for display all year round! They are also wonderfully soft, with a distinct handmade look and a selection of brilliant bright colours – we even have a number of colour options for you to choose from.

4. Gold Floral Bee Baubles

“Showcase your appreciation of nature this holiday season with one of our variety of bee-inspired baubles by the wonderful Gisela Graham.”

Size: 8cm

Colour: Clear, gold, black, red

Price: £6.99

What we love about these floral decorations…

These are some of our prettiest baubles, with delicate and opulent golden flowers standing out brilliantly on the clear glass base. The bees are the sweetest addition too – small gold and black striped bees with ruby red diamantes for a little extra colour and sparkle. With these classic festive colours on such an unusual themed decoration, there’s nothing not to love about this Gisela Graham piece.

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